Ahad, 10 Oktober 2010


Walaikum salam kak hawa,,,

jazakillah for your forwards..and what u have found...pls read the following about my 2 main points

1. I dont respect those who answers back humiliating others...eg. kat bawah, jawapan yang ade stupid and so on. kalau nak jawap pasal deen kena ikut hikmah and dengan best of speeches

2. kak hawa if u strongly believe in tabligihi jamaat by all means go ahead. My point from previous e-mail was to highlight what Sheikh Salah was saying and that is that there indeed is goodness in the da'wah movement by the tablighi and at the same time there are issues that are questionable such as source for going out for 3, 7 and 40 days. There are so many sunnah of the holy prophet PBUH that we are still lacking in doing so why go for something that is not yet established? From an outsiders perspective, the prescribed duration imposed by the tablighi jamaat and reliance on Fazaail Amal are the two major stumbling block for me.

For the moment i am busy learning quranic arabic from a learned person and very busy raising my own children according to the deen, pls check surah tahrim ayat 6-that is the priority for us right now NOT leaving behind family like some people tell us to do, to do dakwah at far away places. every muslim is encouraged to seek knowledge, so kena berilmu dahulu ilmu quran, tafsir, hadith supaya kita dapat differentiate antara sahih dan bathil...allahu 'alam

sorry kalau i am really frank this time because i want to just let u know that i am doing dawah too to u by not letting u in dark and by replying to you in the best speech and not using foul languages macam kat bawah, really unislamic. ....(jawapan dari Maulana Mufti Ibrahim Desai)

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